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NVC Practice group in English


This page is dedicated to non-french native speakers in Paris, interrested in NonViolent Communication (NVC).


I am delighted to host non-french native speakers. 

As NVC is a langage of heart, and over 80% of the communication is non verbal, I experienced that compassionate listening can be amazingly effective between two persons that don't share the same vocabulary.

I also like the slowness to which we are invited when we host non-french speakers in our practice groups.

NVC Practice group 

Our practice group has been until now receiving people from several countries: Poland, Brazil, Madagascar... I enjoy the openness that this diversity brings to our group.

"This was an unusual experience, my first time with the NVC group outside my country. Karen prepared dual language meeting (French and English). She took me with openness. Karen created such a safe space, where I felt acceptance and community. I feel thankful."

Magdalena, Ph.D. Management, and Emotional Intelligence Facilitator (MSCEIT)

NVC Introductory Workshop

For people who never practiced NVC, I organize introductory workshops every month.

Whatever your know-how with NVC, if you are interrested to go further, please  CONTACT ME. I will gather all requests and make proposal according to your needs.